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One interesting thing about me is my sense of location. I have never had a chance to test this in zero gravity, but under normal conditions, I have a very high level of accuracy when someone asked me where the north is.

With my career, I also always knew where I would like to go, but I had no idea how. Within the creative teams I would have to choose: forms or texts. Once, a superior came up to me and said, "Dear Icaro, you can not think you can continue to be an art director and copywriter. You need to define yourself."

The third bank of the river was always more charming and opened up a universe of possibilities when I combined it with technology.

Did I get where I wanted to go? Of course not! The destiny of creative projects is invisible, but experiencing the possibilities that haven't exist yet has become my purpose. Trying to bring the people future in a beta life.

If you want to give your next step, but are not sure how, I'd love to help ;)




Professional Experience
Over 15 years of experience dedicated to design, interactivity and innovation at agencies and production companies like JWT, Draft/FCB and Bolha, working with clients as Ford, Facebook, Budweiser, Volkswagen, Toyota, Nestle, Vivo, P&G, Discovery Channel, Vodafone, Warner, Odebrecht and others.
Please check my Linkedin profile to have further information or email me at  icarodeabreu@gmail.com.

Personal Experience
Projects in the art’s field and contribution to initiatives related to Maker Movement as a teacher. Also very close to the beginning of the mobility discussion in São Paulo being founder of some movements like Bike Party São Paulo and Bike Forever.

Awards and Recognitions:
Cannes Lions, 1 Bronze - PR, 1 Shortlist
One Show, 1 Silver - UX/UI
Clio, 1 Bronze - Direct
El Ojo, 1 Silver - Direct
Wave Festival, 1 Bronze, 2 shortlists

Creative Congress, 2017 - Anhembi-Morumbi University
Rethink Business Conference, 2017 - Tohmie Ohtake
Creative Congress, 2016 - SENAC University
II Communication Congress, 2016 - ESPM University
Rethink Business Conference, 2015
23º Broadcast&Cable Congress, 2014
Startup Mentoring Sebrae, 2014
III Fórum Transmídia, 2014 - FAPCOM University
Simpósy of Tecnology, 2014 - São Judas Tadeu University
7ª Audiovisual Congress, 2013 - Cásper Líbero University
II Transmídia Congress, 2012 - ESPM University
Semancol - Language and Communication, 2010 - Unifev University
Communication Week, 2007 - Anhembi-Morumbi University

Academic experience:
"Prototype is cool" prototype course, 2016 - Mackenzie University
"Robótic with trash", 2015 - Fábrica de Cultura, São Paulo Government
"Mariana Disaster", 2015 - Make-a-thon
Prototype course, 2015 - Make-a-thon
CCSP Festival, 2015 - Make-a-thon
Film, edit, post-production course - Gol de Letra Foundation, 2003